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Continuous soil moisture monitoring for irrigation scheduling of Drip-Irrigated vegetables grown in ...


R.B.Thompson, M. Gallardo y M. Fernández.

Fecha de publicación:

Enero de 2002




Approximately 24,000 ha of plastic greenhouses are used for intensive horticultural production in the coastal region of Almeria, in SE Spain. Tomato, pepper, cucumber, aubergine, and zuccini are grown in autumn-spring, and melon, watermelon and tomato in spring-summer. 80% of cropping is in soil, the rest in hydroponics. Most of the soil used is an artificial soil system ("enarenado"), in which 20–30 cm of imported loam soil is placed over the indigenous gravely soil, and 8–12 cm of coarse sand mulch over the loam soil. Drip irrigation (above-ground tape) is used. Irrigation management is mostly based on experience of farmers and/or technical advisors. Considerable variation in water use occurs for ...

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